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This API is for system Center Service Manager. It’s foundation is in a project I created CodePlex 18 months ago called System Center Service Manager Façade. While I found it to be a great help to me in writing custom management packs and custom SCSM functionality, it was too large and very bloated and did not follow C# generally accepted syntax.

This API is much cleaner and efficient. It covers the main objects used in most customization. Currently it is used in production servers without incident. I hope you find it as useful as I have. The code is based on an out-of-the-box System Center Service Manager 2012 server.

It covers the following high-level objects, classes and type projections:

  • Incident
  • Change Request
  • Activity
  • Problem
  • Service Request
  • Release Management

The API also has a comprehensive criteria builder that allows you to build criteria in code rather than XML.

The API is generated using complex templates. The templates are available for purchase at or email gary at savviety.

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